In August 2011 I will attempt to swim the English Channel to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and the Outward Bound Trust.

PLEASE DONATE via my Just Giving pages by clicking on the icons below, on the right. ALL DONATIONS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO CHARITY. This has been made possible by my sponsors, AkzoNobel and Dulux.

Some swim info.- Swims usually start at Shakespeare's Cliff or Samphire Hoe (in between Folkestone and Dover), and aim to finish at or near Cap Gris Nez (between Boulogne and Calais) a distance of approx. 21 miles (32 km). The English Channel is a unique and demanding swim, considered to be the ultimate long distance challenge. Conditions can involve force 6 winds and wave heights in excess of 7 ft (2 m). The water is very cold and wet suits are NOT allowed. The Channel is home to one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with 600 tankers passing through and 200 ferries and other vessels going across daily.

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During the swim my crew will be Tweeting from the boat. Follow by clicking link above.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking

The blogs on this page will culminate in a live satellite tracking of the actual swim. You can watch the swim unfold on the map below. This service will only become active on the swim date, which is expected to be approx. 7.8.11. The precise start time will be communicated when known. To view the swim you will need to periodically update this web page. The map can also be viewed at

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Swim done. 14.5 hrs. Very Happy :). 'Challenging' conditions. Wondering where to start thanking all the lovely people who sent messages of support & made donations. Boat crew were simply AMAZING. Without them I would not have done it. Cannot thank them enough.